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Dairy-free Diet for Acne

“Does the food I eat influence the look of my skin”? It’s a logical question you’ve probably asked yourself if you’re struggling with acne or other skin ailments. The answer is simple. Yes, it does. Up until recently, medical training in many countries would include little to none nutrition. The transformative potential

Shea Butter & Acne

The face is the area everyone puts the most effort into keeping healthy and good looking. We cleanse and wash it often, we put moisturizers to keep it soft and silky, all in an attempt to achieve the proverbial “glow”. And it hardly comes as a surprise – no one enjoys having

The Effectiveness of Oil Pulling for Acne

Regardless of age or gender, stubborn acne breakouts can make anyone’s life truly complicated. If you’ve ever had to face this very common skin condition, you know you’ve felt how desperate times call for desperate measures. In case you’re suspicious of aggressive surgical acne treatments or don’t have the money to invest