SkinBright Review: Don’t Buy This Whitening Cream ‘Til You Read This

On the hunt for a thorough, unbiased SkinBright review? We got you. Considering it can take weeks before you start to see results with even the most effective skin lightening creams – yup, skin cell turnover can take its sweet time – the last thing you want to do is waste valuable time with a subpar cream. And we all know there are plenty of duds in the world in the skin lightening.

But there are also some highly effective, must have skin lightening creams. Where does SkinBright fall on the spectrum, you ask? Let’s dive in…

SkinBright Cream: What’s In It?

As you already know by now, a skin lightening cream is only as good as its ingredients. And when it comes to SkinBright’s – the ingredients check out, covering all the bases in order to stimulate fast, effective and side-effect free skin lightening.

You see, most skin lightening products usually contain just a few ingredients to help the lightening process, but SkinBright differs in that it goes the extra mile to cover a lot of bases. And it’s not just a matter of more being better – the fact is that SkinBright contains a clever concoction of lightening ingredients that work in complementary fashion to speed up the process.

Like what, you ask? First, let’s meet the heavy hitters, the melanin inhibitors that will be doing the heavy lifting in the skin lightening department. Alpha arbutin and kojic acid are both all natural ingredients that are known to halt the production of melanin, the pigment that darkens your skin.

Alpha arbutin, although less well known in the skin lightening game than kojic acid, is one of the most advanced skin lightening ingredients on the market, with research having proven it to have a stronger inhibitory action on melanin that the more famous beta arbutin, aka bearberry extract.

Kojic acid, of course, is a classic, having been in the skin lightening game for well over a century now and widely hailed as the second most-common bleaching agent. And it’s a highly effective one, too, which is why it’s so popularly used in whitening soaps and other skin lightening products.

But the best part about both of these highly effective skin lightening ingredients? They’re all natural, gentler, shown to work effectively on all skin types (even darker tones) and comes without risk of the kind of side effects you could get with the more controversial hydroquinone.

Based just on the strength of the main skin lightening ingredients alone, SkinBright gets a big thumbs up. But then again, there are tons of natural skin lightening creams on the market. So what – if anything – makes this one different?

SkinBright Review: Is It Worth It?

The likes of kojic acid and alpha arbutin are commonly found in skin lighteners, but what really differentiates SkinBright from the rest is that in this cream, these already powerful get a lot of help from other complementary ingredients, including several natural extracts.

One of the most important is Vitamin A palmitate, which turns to retinol in the body which then helps to resurface and rejuvenate your skin. This makes SkinBright ideal for those looking for a bright and clear complexion along with lightened skin, and SkinBright markets its product as a simultaneous skin lightener and anti-aging solution because of this ingredient.

skinbright review

Among some of SkinBright’s natural extracts are lemon (which contains vitamin C, known to be a natural skin lightener, and works as an exfoliant to help your skin shed dead cells), passionflower (which reduces the appearance of dark circles and helps even skin tone), and willow bark (which tones skin and fights against bacteria that may cause breakouts).

In addition to those natural ingredients, hemp oil and aloe vera make SkinBright a soothing formula and do a surprisingly good job of keeping your skin supple and moisturized despite the drying nature of exfoliants and skin lightening ingredients.

To further protect your skin, SkinBright also contains natural moisturizers, though we highly recommend also using another moisturizer with the product and a sunscreen with an SPF of 25 or higher to protect your skin – even and especially if it’s the winter months. Even the most skin lightening ingredients can be very drying on the skin and proper hydration is the best way to prevent irritation.

As for sunscreen – this should be a must for anyone using any skin lightening products. Whether it’s natural or not, skin lightening ingredients have a tendency to make your skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays so make sure you’re always protected.

Our Final Verdict on SkinBright Cream

Overall, SkinBright is a top of the line skin lightening cream. It’s got two of the most powerful natural skin lightening ingredients working synergistically with exfoliants that speed up skin cell turnover and allow the melanin blocking ingredients to penetrate deeper.

The result is a skin lightening cream that works – and works fairly quick.

The only downside to SkinBright is the price tag. It’s not the most expensive whitening cream on the market, but it’s also not the cheapest, especially if you consider that a 50 mL bottle of SkinBright lasts you only around one to one and a half months.

skinbright review

Given that, the price could be a bit steep. As you can see on their website, if you get just one, SkinBright is $59 for a 50 mL bottle and of course, the price goes down as you purchase more bottles. For example, if you buy two, it comes to $98 total, meaning you get each 50 mL bottle for $49. If you purchase four, it’s even cheaper, with each 50 mL bottle costing you just $39.25.

We would still say that despite the price tag, this skin lightening cream is worth it. The best package is either to buy two or four at the same time, since it usually takes weeks to start seeing results and months to permanently fade dark spots and brighten overall skin tone.

Just make sure to store the creams you’re not using in the refrigerator or at the very least, somewhere cool and dark. And of course, you should definitely avoid leaving the product in direct sunlight, although SkinBright comes with a sun blocker pouch to store the bottle in, which is a nice touch.

The last thing you should know about SkinBright cream is that it also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee so you essentially get to try the product for free for 60 days – which is more than long enough for you to know that it works. There’s nothing to lose with this one so we’d say – go for it, it’s one of the best skin lightening creams out there.