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15 Japanese Skin Whitening Products for Translucent, Milky White Skin

There’s skin lightening and there’s Japanese skin lightening. Japanese women are famous for their wrinkle-free look, which makes you mistake their age by a decade at least. They also manage to somehow keep their smooth, pale skin perfectly free of blemishes, beautifully clear and doll-like.  If you’ve ever admired the milky white, translucent

Skin Lightening Surgery: What Are Your Options?

If you’re considering skin lightening surgery options or permanent skin whitening treatments that involve a medical professional, it’s safe to assume that you’re probably looking for a quick and dramatic difference to your skin tone. After all, that’s what surgery usually provides. When it comes to skin bleaching though, surgery isn’t necessarily

Why Are My Armpits So Dark? (And How to Lighten Underarms)

Everyone who has ever wondered “why are my armpits so dark?” knows the discomfort of living with underarm darkness and discoloration. You want to wear a certain top but stop yourself for fear of exposing your underarms. You habitually stop yourself from raising your arms in case anyone may catch of glimpse