What’s the Best Natural Skin Lightening Cream? Our Top 8 Picks

Want to get all the melanin-interfering, whitening and brightening benefits of a potent skin lightening cream...without the risk of harmful side effects? Sure you do.

After all, as effective as chemical skin lighteners can be, they carry the potential to wreak havoc on your skin. Hydroquinone, for example, has been linked to cases of ochronosis, a devastating sooty darkening of the skin. Pretty counterproductive when you used it only to whiten your skin in the first place!

Sure, cases of ochronosis are rare but why take that chance, especially when you can use a safe and natural skin lightening cream that carries no such risks.

If you’re already looking for skin lightening creams without side effects then you’re at the right place. The best natural skin lightening creams that actually work cause no any harm to your skin or body.

On the contrary – a natural skin lightening cream even provides your skin with a range of added benefits. Dangerous bleaching agents in skin whitening creams for face and body may now become a thing of the past.

Why Opt for a Natural Skin Lightening Cream

Some years ago, there was a major backlash against chemical cosmetics that dealt a serious blow to the industry. The era of natural, organic, homemade and DIY beauty products took a firm grip changing consumers’ attitudes on a global scale. The biggest shift in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical production was about to happen.

Now that we’re slowly coming down from the “natural and homemade” tidal wave, what we’re left with after the flood is a thoroughly changed cosmetic industry landscape.  More and more cosmetics manufacturers shy away from dangerous chemicals and embrace natural herbal extracts, oils and hitherto forgotten traditional medicinal herbs.

To be sure, it’s not impossible to come up with good homemade skin whitening creams on your own today. Recipes on homemade bleaching cream for black skin are especially popular all over the internet.

You can whisk together simple kitchen ingredients to make a pretty effective face mask and not feel weird about smearing food over your face. You can easily find plenty of information on natural skin lighteners that work. You can also go as far as altering your lifestyle habits and diet to set yourself on a safe path to transform your dull skin into a bright and glowing complexion.

However, there isn’t a particularly strong reason to ditch science altogether. Many cosmetic producers have implemented the lessons learned from the natural cosmetics movement into scientifically developed and tested products. It means that we have a whole pool of safe skin lightening creams to choose from nowadays. And some of them actually work.

Unlike their chemical counterparts, natural skin lightening creams use plant-derived ingredients that inhibit the tyrosinase enzyme and by doing so, interfere with the melanin production process. Over time, your skin stops producing as much melanin.

The result is naturally lighter skin.

However, don’t expect super fast results. You should be wary of creams promising overnight skin change in general, but when it comes to skin whitening creams that work fast you need extra caution.

Getting overnight skin whitening results means they might put your skin and health at risk. At the very least, the fast benefits will deteriorate over time. Sort of like implants.

To learn how to whiten skin naturally and permanently is a more intricate business. Natural skin whitening ingredients take time, so you need to be patient. Checking for results in the mirror twice a day and getting frustrated because “nothing changed” isn’t the way to go. Natural skin lightening is a process that requires a more holistic approach. You should also try to sleep and eat well. And stay persistent with your routine.

How to Choose the Best Natural Skin Lightening Cream

Finally, deciding what’s the best natural skin lightening cream can get quite tricky. There’s so much on offer! Here’re some things to keep in mind.

Know Your Skin Type

If you have sensitive, or oily and acne-prone skin, or dry skin, you’d need very different products containing different natural agents. This should be clear from the outset.

If you’re unsure how to determine skin type and haven’t gone to a dermatologist ever before, now is the right time.

Schedule with a skin expert to get advice on your skin condition and overall skin health. It may turn out that your specific skin ailment cannot be addressed with skin lightening over the counter products.

Know What Exactly You’re Looking For

Are you trying to achieve skin whitening, or lightening? Are you looking to eliminate dark spots? Do you want to address hyperpigmentation and even out skin tone?  Or are you simply dreaming of a more lively, radiant skin overall?

These are all very different processes and you need to set your goal precisely. You’ll run into products promising all of the above. It gets hard to locate the fairness creams that actually work. You should develop a way to scan user reviews and catch subtle pointers in product descriptions that exactly match your needs.

Know How to Scan Products for Quality

Never buy a product before checking all of its ingredients. Marketing tools today have gotten so advanced, they’re very capable of luring us into something we don’t need. If you spot a dangerous ingredient in a skin lightening cream don’t think twice over what the product description says. You aren’t buying creams with mercury or steroids!

Also, read the instructions for use well and watch out for ingredients causing photosensitivity. Most of the skin lightening agents fall into this category, so this means you need to take extra caution with sun exposure while using the product.

With all this out of the way then…

What is the best natural skin lightening cream to even out your complexion and make your skin several shades lighter? Scroll down for our top picks!

Amaira Natural Lightening Serum with Mulberry and Orchid Extract

Amaira Natural Lightening Serum, $45

This product is hands down among the top 3 most positive surprises we’ve ever had in trying out new cosmetics – and we’ve tried many. It’s effective but unassuming, and it’s slowly but surely coming on to the market.

Amaira has packed an advanced, multilayered formula that showed results after a month of consistent use. Here’s a real goldfish in the ocean of skin lightening products of all shapes and sizes.

If you still haven’t heard of the benefits of mulberry extract for skin – now is about time. Mulberry extract, made out of the bark and root of the mulberry tree (which gives mulberries, a superfood!) has been used in the East as a medicinal ingredient for centuries. It’s a pretty recent addition to skin whitening products and Western cosmetics though, and this serum apparently makes deft use of it.

Studies have revealed that mulberry extract effectively lightens skin and reverses UV-caused skin discoloration. With its rich antioxidant content, this alkaloid is also effective in slowing down the aging process, reducing fine lines and preventing wrinkles.

Mulberry extract is pretty much your youth elixir for the skin.

Not sure if mulberry extract is the main secret of this amazing product because that’s not even the beginning of it! This serum boasts a rich combination of skin beneficial natural lightening ingredients, like kojic acid – the other unmatched champion of natural skin lightening.

Back to the skin damage prevention camp, it packs a very special Asian orchid extract that helps keep the skin moisturized, soft and supple. The glycolic acid helps minimize ingrown hairs when the serum is used in sensitive skin areas that often get waxed, such as the genital area. It even mixes in an extract from a famous Chinese medicine staple for skin moisturizing - the Dendrobium Phalaenopsis Flower!

The rich content of different minerals and natural moisturizers no doubt works powerfully together. This makes a great face cream in general. The visible radiance and glow it gave to our skin even before any lightening results were impressive.

Needless to say, the Amaira lightening serum is made without any type of harsh chemicals. It’s Hydroquinone-free and paraben-free.

If you’re on a quest for the best natural lightening cream for face and body, our top pick can cover you on both counts. User reviews mention they’ve had positive results with using the Amaira serum on the inner thighs and limbs. We tested it on the face and in the genital area and the armpits. It improved my dark spots and worked great on my extra sensitive skin!

Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream

meladerm review
meladerm skin lightening cream

Meladerm Cream, $50

Here’s a usual suspect. Meladerm’s been one of the most popular skin whitening creams out there. Why? Well, it’s potent and it's safe for all skin types. Do we think it deserves its reputation? Yes, but putting all the focus on this product can blind us to real newbie champions entering the arena, like the Amaira serum above.

Meladerm’s potency is due to the fact that it doesn’t skimp on ingredients. While the majority of natural skin lightening creams will use one, two, or three natural skin whitening ingredients – Meladerm is similar to the Amaira serum: it contains a lineup of the most effective natural skin lighteners in their cream, like Licorice Extract, Arbutin (Bearberry Extract), Alpha Arbutin, Mulberry Extract, Kojic Acid, Vitamin C, Sepiwhite, Gigawhite, and several other plant-derived skin lighteners.

On top of this, Meladerm cleverly combines gentle yet effective exfoliants like Lactic Acid to help get rid of dead skin cells so the natural lightening ingredients can penetrate deeper into your skin.

We especially love that Meladerm cream also contains no parabens, artificial fragrances or colors and no oil, making it suitable for sensitive skin and skin that’s prone to breakouts as well!

Swiss Botany Skin Brightening Cream

natural skin lightening cream

Swiss Botany Skin Brightening Cream, $19

Despite its name, Swiss Botany doesn’t come from the Swiss Alps or anywhere near there. It’s a Virginia, USA-based brand. But that’s probably good news, because if it was Swiss for real, it hardly could have had this price.

So, this skin brightening cream originally caught our attention for the fact it's, well, really affordably priced. Considering the fact that you'll be using the cream day in and day out - affordability matters. At $19 per bottle, this cream’s value for money is hard to beat.

But it's not just its friendly price, it's also packing a great list of natural skin lighteners like alpha arbutin, licorice root extract, mulberry extract, and kojic acid alongside exfoliates like retinol and retinyl palmitate.

The only thing we don't like about it is that it contains alcohol, but when applied, it doesn't dry out your skin. It actually absorbs beautifully, layers well under makeup, and keeps your skin soft and lightly hydrated all day.

Plus, it comes with a whopping 12-month money back guarantee so you have plenty of time to see if it works for you. You have nothing to lose but your dark spots! 🙂

LumiEssence Brightening Repair Treatment

natural skin lightening cream

LumiEssence Advanced Brightening Repair Treatment, $59

There may be a lot of skin lightening products out there but there's an unfortunate lack of organic skin lightening products, which is why we were thrilled to find LumiEssence's Advanced Brightening Repair Treatment.

And it didn't disappoint - this stuff is legit. It contains an excellent mix of natural skin lighteners like alpha arbutin, organic kojic acid, lemon essential oil, and niacinamide as well as gentle natural exfoliators like papaya and pineapple fruit extract.

So not only are you getting a natural, lightweight lotion to leave your skin feeling hydrated, but it goes on working into the deeper layers of the skin long after you’ve forgotten about having it on your face.  

Where this product really excels is in repairing and brightening your skin. If you have skin that's damaged from too much sun exposure, acne, scarring, or any previous carefree misadventures - this brightening treatment is for you.

It's seriously chockfull of skincare goodness. A quick look: It contains tamanu oil and seabuckthorn oil, both of which have skin regenerating properties. Moreover you’ve got silk protein amino acid, organic goji berry fruit extract, organic rosehip oil and so, so much more good stuff for your skin.

Our final verdict is that this lotion won't make your skin several shades lighter but it is a wonder-worker for brightening your overall complexion and getting rid of pesky spots.

VASANTI Brighten Up! Moisturizer

best natural skin lightening cream

VASANTI Brighten Up New Skin Amplifying Moisturizer, $34

VASANTI's Brightening Moisturizer is pretty new to the skin lightening market but it's a clearly a promising piece. For starters, it's 98% natural, vegan-friendly, never tested on animals, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and phthalates-free skin lightening creams out there and even better - it's potent while retaining its natural cred.

That's because it may be a gentle, natural formula but it contains a high concentration of natural skin lighteners, like alpha arbutin from bearberry leaves, into this cream alongside other effective skin lighteners like the classic skin lightening agent, glutathione.

It's also perfect for sensitive, easily irritated skin thanks to skin-calming and soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera and oat kernel oil. This is definitely visible in its consistency and the way it glides onto the skin. So our favorite thing about it is definitely the fact it's pretty lightweight as far as creams go, making it ideal for oily-skinned beauties. The feeling after application is gold – your face feels so awesome. It leaves no residue or clogged pores, it almost completely disappears into your skin!

Last but not least, I felt no need to apply anything to my face the whole day. Although the skin on your face will feel bare, you can tell it isn’t dry.

Overall, it’s a product much more powerful on the moisturizing side than on the skin brightening side. But for those of you who value highly the vegan orientation and cruelty-free nature of a brand’s product line, this made-in-Canada cream may be the perfect option.

Natural Escapes Anti-Aging Fading Serum

organic skin lightening products

Anti-Aging Fading Serum, $45

This one isn't a cream – it's a serum. And that's a really good thing since serums are like silky, concentrated versions of creams. They leave out the thick, filler ingredients that give creams their consistency and instead replace them with powerful ingredients composed of smaller molecules so they can penetrate your skin more deeply and more quickly.

The secret natural ingredient of this product may sound too simple to your years. It’s Vitamine C. The general benefits of Vitamin C to the skin’s overall health are well-researched. Vitamin C is vital in the process of rebuilding collagen and it helps against acne. But this is just a start. Vitamin C gives effective UV protection and it’s one of the most potent antioxidants helping against skin damage caused by free radicals.

Of course, Vitamin C also effectively combats hyperpigmentation. Along with the retinol, kojic acid and alpha arbutin contained in this mix, it’s a real skin whitening cocktail.  

Your skin is given a direct dose of highly concentrated natural skin whitening ingredients. In the case of Natural Escapes Anti-Aging Fading Serum, you're getting a big dose of citrus extracts such as orange and lemon extract. It packs a smart combination of skin brightening compounds such as niacinamide, retinol, licorice extract, alpha arbutin, and kojic acid.

That makes for a pretty solid mix of natural skin lighteners and exfoliants to help speed up the process. On top of all that, this fading serum is deeply moisturizing with a base of organic Aloe Vera and avocado oil. That makes it perfect for those with dry skin, while people with overly oily skin might want to skip this one - avocado oil is pretty darn rich, after all.

Oh, and if you haven't used a serum yet – this may look like a small bottle but with serums, a little goes a long way. You only need two pumps to cover your whole face so a bottle should last you around a month and a half, with daily use.

So, overall, this clinically proven product does indeed fight skin discoloration and helps bring out your skin’s natural brightness. The skin will appear well moisturized, rejuvenated and glowing.

Uncle Benney's Vitamin E Face Cream

Uncle Benney's Vitamin E Face Cream, $50

You may be thinking what could possibly uncle Benney know about skin whitening? Isn’t that a job for modern technology lab scientists who make products with fancy names in fancy, designer bottles? Well, not really.

Uncle Benney’s Original is a line of great natural skincare products and it doesn’t draw on traditional images for branding purposes only. This whitening cream is really a simple, non-assuming, 100% natural and effective one-of-a-kind recipe.

As you got it already, it’s main component is Vitamin E. Although Vitamin E oil has been praised by natural beauty and skincare professionals as very effective as a skincare product, science doesn’t necessarily support these claims. What’s most certain, Vitamin E is a good antioxidant and effectively combats all sorts of skin inflammation. Many acne sufferers claim Vitamin E oil is effective in fighting acne.

Besides Vitamin E, Uncle Benney’s cream boasts a mixture of other vitamins, minerals and nourishing fatty acids.

Whether it’s the VItamin E or the other components we wouldn’t know, but in any case, we found this cream to be pretty effective in fading dark spots and brightening the complexion overall.

The downsides are its consistency, especially how it spreads on dry skin. The product website says it’s good for normal to extremely dry skin. Still, it felt a bit odd sitting on my dry skin, especially at the first few applications. In the long run, it did make a visible difference to the better. It felt as if my skin got used to it and started recognizing it.

I stopped using it mid-week 3 and I can say that at that point I had gotten to a visibly radiant and smoother complexion with less pronounced dark spots. It may not make them disappear completely but your skin will definitely appreciate it. Your skin definitely wouldn’t need the help of another moisturizer and that’s the best part about this product.

Organys GLOW Skin Brightening Cream

Organys GLOW Skin Brightening Cream, $16

Here’s one specialized in diminishing freckles, brown spots, hyperpigmentation and melasma. It comes straight from the lab of an eco-friendly brand with a proven track record. Organys Skin Brightening Cream is a rich blend of plant extracts specifically formulated to even out skin tone. It sure does a good job at this, albeit not so fast.

Regarding ingredients, this cream contains plenty of antioxidants to help in the supporting functions. Alpha arbutin is one of the two main active ingredients. The other one is jojoba seed oil.

A quick fact: jojoba seed oil is actually not an oil! It’s a sort of wax extracted from the jojoba beans. Nevertheless, it works wonders when it comes to skin lightening and hydrating, because its molecular structure closely resembles that of the sebum, our skin’s natural oil.

Besides skin brightening as its prime function, Organy’s skin brightening cream got an ace in the sleeve. Its immense moisturizing power by far increases its score. Combined with the cream’s lightweight consistency and easy application, Organys has created a promising product to replenish your skin and effectively improve your complexion.

While we couldn’t notice a great difference with the diminishing of freckles, it had an almost immediately noticeable skin brightening effect. After 2 weeks of consistent application, my colleague could definitely spot a visible improvement in the appearance of her brown spots (dark spots caused by sun exposure that appear in sun-exposed areas of the skin with ageing).

The cream slides on easily giving a slight cooling sensation. It immediately makes your complexion livelier even on mornings after bad night sleep.

Considering it made the cut for our best natural skin lightening cream recommendations, there’s no need to say that this cream is free of parabens and and other chemicals. It’s even odorless. As an added value,

The manufacturer advises at least 45 days of consistent use and offers a 100% money-back guarantee for the same period. From our experience, this is more than enough time to buy you.

Overall, considering its nourishing properties and how it delivers the promised skin brightening effect, this cream definitely made the cut for this top 8 picks article.